Holistic Orthodontics: Beyond Straight Teeth to Whole Body Health

Holistic Orthodontics: Beyond Straight Teeth to Whole Body Health

Your oral health effects your whole body.  The last several decades of positive research outcomes have shown this to be undeniably true.  And, your oral health is dramatically improved when you have straight teeth that fit well together.  We know this to be true because well aligned teeth are easier to clean, thereby reducing the amount of bacteria in your mouth.  And teeth that fit well together make the muscles of your head and neck more supple and relaxed.  With a good bite, you’ll have fewer headaches, and your teeth will generally last longer so you can be smiling and chewing well into your 80’s, 90’s and beyond!

Your oral health also has a direct influence on your airway health.  Our mouth is a major part of the airway.  Crooked teeth, overbites, crossbites- these are all dental signs of poor structure.  And your airway is all about good structure.  An appropriately wide palate will be able to accommodate your upper teeth, and your airway will be more open as well.  And a lower jaw and teeth that are in the proper front to back relationship – with the upper jaw and teeth – will allow the lower part of your airway to function at its best.  As the lower jaw and teeth move forward, the airway opens and you can breathe more freely.

 Orthodontics is truly a holistic approach to wellness.

Starting early is the key to success.  Make sure your child meets the orthodontist by age 5 or younger if a problem is noticed.  A growing child has many more options for success than one that is past or even near puberty.  An orthodontist specialist that fully understands the mechanisms of the airway system will be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of your orthodontic condition and can treat the condition through early intervention.  Generally, “early intervention” means “while your child is still growing”.

What sort of problems should you be looking for?

  • Teeth that do not have enough room (crowding),
  • Overbites
  • Crossbites,
  • Loud breathing or snoring while sleeping,
  • Daytime sleepiness,
  • Mouth breathing,
  • Chronically inflamed or infected tonsils,
  • Swollen adenoids,
  • Failure to thrive, and much more.

The orthodontist’s tools for your care are generally non-invasive.  No shots, no surgery, no permanent metal or chemically based fillings.  An airway centered orthodontist will use expanders, functional appliances and braces to make the necessary changes to structure that are required for great oral (and whole body) health.

Using the holistic approach, an airway centered orthodontist can change your life and the life of your child for the better.  Orthodontics is not all about a beautiful smile.  While its true that straight teeth look better.  Its also true that straight teeth make the body healthier.  The whole body, and that’s holistic.

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